Anon, the kingdom once ruled by the elves, is in a state of unrest.

Hundreds of years ago, Anon was a land filled with peace and prosperity. The king, Palinor, was a kind and gentle ruler. His subjects loved and revered their king. Palinor had a twin brother, Alphnir. Alphnir was a cleric who likewise was loved by the subjects of the land. In many ways he was a reflection of his brother Palinor.

Within the walls of Palanon lived many advisors, chief among them was a wizard named Tranic. Tranic’s life started in a most unfortunate manner. His father was a mage that was killed in a battle fighting goblins and his mother died while giving birth to him. Tranic was raised by the mages and became a close friend to Palinor and Alphnir. As his life progressed, he became an esteemed wizard eventually taking charge as the Grand Mage.

In due time, Palinor ascended to the throne and appointed Tranic his chief advisor. It was during Palinor’s reign that the land was visited by other races. Namely, the humans. Eager to learn the manners and technology of these new visitors, Palinor openly welcomed the various tribes to Anon. Both of the twin brothers viewed all races as equal and knowledge should be shared amongst the people. Tranic, however, viewed the newcomers with suspicion and thought the idea of sharing “secrets” was catastrophic. The wizard believed that the elves were a superior race and the “barbarians” should be subjects of the elven kingdom. Palinor and Alphnir were subjected to daily “briefings” by Tranic whose behavior was becoming increasingly erratic. Talk of “expanding” the kingdom became an obsession with the mage. The mannerisms of the magic-user was thought, at first, to be just the makeup of a wizard. As time worn on, Tranic became more of a problem to the king and his brother. The Grand Mage was now advising the king to attack the outlying territories and demand that an oath of allegiance be sworn to Anon.

It was decided by the brothers that Tranic was now quite out of his mind and demanded that the wizard relinquish his position as advisor. Furious with this decision, Tranic swore revenge upon the brothers and kingdom and stormed from the palace vowing that he would become the new ruler of Anon. Years of friendship dissolved in an instant.

Peace was upon the land but the thought of war coming to the doorstep of Anon was on everybody’s mind. The kingdom’s fears came true and war did indeed come to the Anon. Across the borders spilled hordes of evil beings intent on destroying all that lay in the path of this dark army. At the fore-front was the ruler, Tranic himself. The kingdom was laid to waste and the climax of the invasion took place within the very walls of Palanon itself. In the heat of battle, a sword held by a lowly orc found its mark in the chest of Palinor, slicing the kind and gentle ruler’s heart in two. Palinor crumpled to the floor and as Alphnir attempted to revive his brother, he received a blow to the side of his head knocking him to the floor. Slaughter was the command and few survived the onslaught. Tranic took the bloodied crown from the dead king’s corpse and placed it upon his head and declared himself supreme ruler of the land.

Now, high on the cliffs of Satreen sits the ruined palace of Palanon. What was once the beautiful home of the twin brothers is now a den of death, inhabited by evil. A hundred years have passed and rumors tell of a ghostly figure that roams the palace as if searching for something. Tales are spread that deep within the bowels of Palanon sits Tranic, plotting his next conquest and making pacts with unspeakable horrors.